Strategic Solutions supplies top quality print professionals throughout the US. Whether you are seeking an entry level bindery operator, a very niche woven designer or an executive placement, our recruiters have the industry expertise to fill your open position.  

Our recruiters have over 30 years of combined experience in the print packaging and graphic arts industry.  We successfully place candidates in  all aspects of print and packaing including:

OFFSET                           SCREEN PRINT                             DIGITAL PRINT 

 WEB PRESS                    SHEET-FED PRESS                       LARGE FORMAT
FLEXOGRAPHY              PRE-PRESS                                   POST-PRESS     
LITHOGRAPHY              TEXTILE PRINT                             DESIGN             

Our Promise To You

Strategic Solutions connects the right candidate with the right position, furthering careers while assisting companies in their search for top talent. Strategic Solutions stands above the rest through a commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering results.  We can narrow candidates by language preferences, pay range, shift choice and location in order to find the candidate that is the best fit for you.  

Strategic Solutions will help you streamline your hiring process by sorting through applicants and performing prequalifying interviews and providing only those candidates that meet your requirements.

We started our agency to help people like you take your business to the next level. We’ll do the hard work of qualified candidates for you. So that you can focus on making your business extraordinary.​​​​​​​


Do you need an experienced Lead Pressman to keep your machines running at peak efficiency levels? 



Do you need an experienced Print Estimator, who understands order requirements and can successfully price jobs at competitive rates with good margins?


Do you need a Customer Service representative who can develop customer relationships while managing multiple print orders from order receipt to turning over the billing packet in order to ensure jobs are completed on time with no errors? 

If you want to keep customers happy with top-notch quality, service, and delivery I can help you find your next hire.  Candidates we work with that are ready to interview include:

Press Operators
Customer Service
 Plant Managers
 Quality Control 
Bindery & Finishing
 Accounting & Finance

And more!


Strategic Solutions recently released a first quarter survey to our print industry clients.  We thank those who have participated.  This report will provide information regarding how others in the industry are handling the pandemic, PPP, marketing and more.  

We have read the requests for additional value add information.  We will continue to provide industry reports and information so that you have the information you need.   

As your company moves towards normalcy, we are here to help.  I have had the pleasure of working with printers, print brokers, binderies and print equipment manufacturers, as a trusted partner in the rightsizing of staff and the growth of their business.  We can provide the candidates you need; ranging from bindery and pack-out to print operators to graphic designers to print estimators to plant managers to C-level executives and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a Perm Agency over a Temp Agency? 

Temp Agency candidate pool is typically un-employed persons in between jobs. Those candidates will be actively seeking full-time employment, taking time off to interview, and accepting full-time guaranteed employment wen offered by other employers. Perm placement candidates are usually working and thinking for the long term before making a career move. Often, these candidates are higher caliber as most good employees are currently working in the current job market.

Is there a fee to interview candidates?

No, only if you choose to hire someone, and they accept the offer.

How do your rates compare to other staffing competitors?

Other competitors’ rates average 27%-30% of someone’s starting salary. They typically offer a 30-day to a 90-day replacement guarantee. Our prices are significantly lower, and we offer a 31-day to a 1-year prorated discount (see attachment for details). 31-day to a 1- year prorated discount does not apply to our pay as you go program.


Strategic Solutions has been incorporated since 2004,
​​​​​​​WBE Certified since 2007 and DBE Certified since 2019.